Monday, October 10, 2011

Three years and a new baby later i'm returning to this blog.  So much has happened its hard to recapture.  I've become a stay at home mom, had a baby girl, and moved.  That's a lot for just three short years. It seems to have gone by so quickly.  Noah is now 3 1/2 and is so big.  He loves playing anything that involves a ball.  Is a big help to me around that house and with his new baby sister.  Of course his love for Star Wars and playing swords is crazy.  His sister Caroline will be 9 months soon.  I can't believe time has gone by so quickly.  We sold our old house when Caroline was just 4months old. We were crazy to put our house up for sale and move with a new baby.  But we did it and survived.

Our new house I love.  It has so much room! Its big enough to have lots of people over to watch football games and still have kids playing outside or in other rooms of the house. We even have a guest room and Paul has his own office.  Its a big step up and the Lord definitely provided this house for us to use for him.   Over the next few days I hope to catch up with what's been going on over the next few days.  Feeling the blogging need again.  Plus I want something for our kids to read one day.  This seems as good a place as any for word about them growing up and other fun things.  I miss writing...

Monday, August 11, 2008

Beat the heat...Go to Boston!

This last weekend Paul and I went to Boston, MA to visit some of our newlywed friends Brooklynne and Sam Peters. Brooklynne starts her graduate program in Journalism in a few weeks and before she starts her classes we decided to pop in for some great conversation, good food and check out the sights.

We left on Thursday morning, average temp in AR had been between 95-105 degrees. When we arrived in Boston, it was a cool crisp 72 with light showers. Can you say RELIEF!!! The whole weekend was like that. Cool temperatures and scattered showers, it was great! When you drop 25 degrees, I don't mind a little wet feet.

Upstairs on the Square Restaurant near Harvard.

We had an absolute blast! We visited Harvard and got to see a "Free Tibet" rally. Ate some delicious food, and discussed our lives over some drinks. After dinner we traveled to an Irish Pub that oddly enough decided tonight was Hip Hop night and wasn't' playing Irish music, which was disappointing since the inside made you feel like you were in Ireland.

Park on top of what was called "the big dig" in North End

Paul Revere and Quincy Market in Faneuil Hall Marketplace

Friday was our "Tourist Day" so to speak. We went down to Faneuil Hall Marketplace where we did some shopping and of course ate some good food. I'm usually not a fan of Clam Chowder (Chowda) but let me tell you, even in the fast food type places it was great! After lunch we traveled to our friends new apartment in the North End or Little Italy. So of course you know I loved that neighborhood. Since "The Big Dig" was complete this neighborhood has been renovated and is brimming with life. This happens to also be where the Old North Church is located that sent Paul Revere on his ride though the streets of Boston yelling "the British are coming!"

Old North Church in the background.

After a tour of the neighborhood, their new apartment, tour of the Anglican church from which the lanters were lit "one if by land two if by sea" we headed off for our dinner reservation at the famous Legal Seafood Restaurant. Where we split a fabulous bottle of wine and ate some great food! Not bad for a days walk.

Downtown Boston from the Harbor

The rest of our weekend was very relaxing. A trip to see MIT, take a ferry round the bay and then a few games of spades and a movie before we few out. Our trip to Boston was so much fun. I think that I actually like that city more than NYC, because of its history, culture and atmosphere. Every time I venture to a city with history, whether its in Europe or in America, it makes me realize just how "new" America is. Boston has buildings that are over 200 years old, which to me is still amazing but in terms of Europe or Asia its nothing. All the history of our founding fathers in one city, it was just exciting. I can't wait to take Noah there when he starts studying that part of our American History so he can experience it first hand. What a great trip! Thanks Peters for a fabulous time!!!

P.S. This weekend would not have been possible if it wasn't for Hugh and Jo Gower keeping Noah. He spent some good time with the grandparents so that Mom and Dad could have a long date in Boston! Thanks a ton!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Growin Boy

My good friend Kasie Birdwell is so talented. She keeps Noah for me while I go to work each day and when she finds the time, usually when her little 2yr old Kate is sleeping, she takes some pictures of Noah. They were so beautiful I thought I would share them with you.

Are YOU talkin to ME?

I have a surprise for you!

Sweet dreams

Its hard to believe that he is now 2 1/2 months old (10weeks). He is getting bigger up to 9lbs. 8oz and 22inches long. I think he will be a good basketball player he definately has the feet for it! Check these out. Its hard to tell but trust me he has his mamma's feet!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Evolution of Writing

This morning I set out to clean the garage. I know that is usually the man's job, but since my job sends me package after package after package, 99% of the garage is full of my stuff. Today I got more packages and to make room, I needed to do a little purging of useless stuff. You know the garage is where things go to die and if you don't go through it, next thing you know you have stuff where cars should be. So on this hot and humid day, I set out to get rid of a few things.

What I didn't expect was to find two boxes full of happy memories that made me smile. The first box was from High School. Those who know me well know I'm a social butterfly and in high school I was no different. I found old pictures from my senior year and old notes from boyfriends. Now why did i save those boyfriend note I will never know other than my mom said that one day it would be cool to share them with my daughter...although after reading some of them, if i ever have a girl, she would probably laugh her head off. Not because the boys said silly things, but because at that age you really don't know how to write or express yourself well. Heck, even now at 32 its still difficult. In the HS box was also all my journals. I started really writing in a journal when I was in 5th grade and Mrs. Fox made us write in a spiral notebook daily and since i had her for two years, she taught 5th and 6th grade English, I got into the habit of writing in them. So after i didn't have to write, i kept writing and have about 5years of journals detailing my daily life as a teen. One day I'm sure ill really sit down to read them but just glancing at them made me smile. Blogs for the most part have replaced writing in journals and although blogs give your friends and family a chance to see what your up to and your thoughts, it is to public to sometimes share your deep thoughts. But just looking into this box and organizing it made me smile.

The next box not only made me smile and laugh, but it also gave me huge encouragement. It was my college box. This box reminded me of what good friends I had at Harding. I ran across old Squire letters from the boys in Knights, some of which made me crack up, especially the attempts at poetry because their Sir Knight made them do it. I also found a bunch of pictures from different times in my Harding life. Freshman dorm pictures, wedding pictures from all the weddings I had been in, Knight function pictures and some pictures from different trips to Pinnacle Mt. and Heber.

But the most treasured things I found in that box were several notes of encouragement from friends over the years. One thing i loved about Harding was you could take a few seconds, write a quick note to someone and drop it in the mail. It's a Pre-facebook way of chatting with friends and letting them know you love them. Some were written to me when I was having a bad day. Some where just friends letting me know what they think of me or how my actions encouraged them. But ALL of them made me smile. Two of them suck out from two of my good friends in college. When I read them it encouraged me in my daily walk with the Lord and reminded me that I'm a child of God who is deeply loved. Those two friends I have lost touch with over the years but they still are encouraging me with notes that are over 7 years old.

My trip down memory lane was so fun that I hardly realized that I was cleaning the garage. But it reminded me that I need to do better about writing notes of encouragement to those I love. Now with e-mail, text messaging, facebook and blogs, most of us don't take the time to hand write anything other than maybe a grocery list. But if you get a chance, send a note to someone you love, better yet...MAIL a note to someone you love and encourage them. You never know when they need it, even if it is 7 years later in a hot humid garage.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Not getting lost

It's late. Not late for most people but im typing on about 4hrs of sleep which is the least amount i have had in several weeks. Noah didn't sleep well last night, up at 11apm/4am then i was up at 5:30am for work and not a chance for a nap today. Usually i can get more than that each night so if i start on tangents, please forgive me.

Tonight i caught up on Ambers blogg(Seth's wife) and read about a weeks worth of posts. It always makes me happy to read them for several reasons. First and foremost, because it gives me a chance to hear what is going on with them. Amber and I talk from time to time, more lately because I just had a baby and who better to talk to then someone who has had 3, but it gives me a chance to see snapshots into their lives as well as see what cute thing my little nephews have done. Secondly, reminds me of how artistic and creative she is. She is artsy and i LOVE IT! I try to be artsy, want to be artsy, but im more of a sporty gal with artistic edges. I don't draw, i don't write poetry, and i can't really tell you of a movie or recording artist that is not main stream and please don't look at my spelling or sentence structure(sometimes i think my mom and amber cringe).

Amber and Seth have three boys. Isaac turns 4 this October so you can imagine the crazy ciaos that surrounds their house. And although she probably watches more Veggie Tales or other kid movies and spends most of her time teaching her boys how to tie their shoe, not to eat buggs or where milk comes from she still, in my opinion, has not lost the essence of Amber. Her artistic side is still alive and even though she is surrounded by sometimes screeming boys, she still takes time to express herself artistically. She has not lost who she is even though at times im sure she doesn't think so.

That is something that I like to copy as I raise Noah. Yes I am a mom. Yes I change diapers, read Brown Bear and spend most of my time talking to others about Noah and how much he has grown or what new things he is doing but one thing i don't want to loose, is ME. I think many moms get totally engrossed in their kids and forget the importance of rejuvenating themselves and taking time to do something that is just for them. I want to be that Mom that doesn't feel guilty about going to the book store and gets some random book and sits and drinks a latte or finds the newest cool shop or food joint(im a foodie) and just take it all in. At 32, i'm still trying to figure out what my thing is, what I will do to keep ME alive even with kids. I'm still exploring what that is but I do know one thing, i'm going to look for it till i find it.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

4hr. day

This will be nothing new to anyone who has a baby. It seems my days are 4hour rotations. In 4hours this is what happens. First, Noah cries because it has been 4 or more hours since he has had something to eat. So we sit down for a bite. This used to take about 20min, but since he is going longer between meals, sometimes 6 hours, he eats for 30min or more. Somewhere in between he burps and his diaper is changed. Then he eats some more. Eating is usually followed by a nap for about 30min before he wakes up and wants to look around. Sometimes you can get in his face and make him smile, but usually its staring at his angels and if you get in his way, the will just look around you. Then, if I'm lucky he will fall asleep for about 2hours and then we rinse and repeat.

So why is it that my days are in 4 hour rotations? Thats because you have to plan the next 4hours before you start. If you need to go to the store or just want to get out of the house for a few hours, its all planned around when its time for Noah to eat. For example, right now he has been asleep since about 4 and any moment he will be up ready to eat. Paul wanted us to go out but I knew that if I wake him up...he will be cranky and ready to eat. So we decided not to go. Now if we had thought about going out earlier, I could have planned it so that he wakes up we eat and then go out. But its so late and its Sunday that by the time I fed him things would be closed.

Now this is not a complaint and not by any stretch of the imagination. Life has changed. For the better but changed. Paul and I are spontaneous adventurers. We like to just decide at a moment to do something, go somewhere, see something new. With Noah its planned spontaneity. And yes i knew it would be this way. During my pregnancy if i heard it once i hear it 10,000x, "Life as you know it will change...FOREVER"! That statement was about as annoying as the questions on when I was due because I looked like I was about to bust or the questions on how well was I sleeping. Like anyone who is over 6months pregnate sleeps well. DUH

So we plan our days in 4hour stints. Its not that bad and he is defiantly worth the change in our habits and spontaneity. But some days I would just like to take a few hours to go to Starbucks, read a book, work out, eat and take a nap without looking at the clock and thinking..."Has it been 4hours yet?"

Noah is here!

Ok, so as you have noticed...i stink at blogging. For anyone who actually reads this...Noah Alan Gower was born May 7th at 7:47 am. He was 5lbs. 11oz. and 19 inches long. He came on his due date, but just long and lean...which was ok by me! :) I have been back to work now for about 2 weeks and its not fun. I miss that little guy everyday. Fortunately, Kasie Birdwell watches him while I work and has kept me from worrying all day. She is GREAT and I would not know what to do without her. Not only does she play with him and take care of him, but her right had gal, Kate, makes sure Noah doesn't want for a clean diaper or his passy. With such great help, how can you not have more peace of mind.

Its still feels weird to have a child. People ask me, "So how does it feel to be a Mom?", and my usual reply is "I'm not sure yet". Its strange at how fast you adjust, learn cries and such, but i still can fall into a deep sleep and when I wake up to a cry, it takes me a few seconds to realize...oh its Noah wanting to eat. But I love him dearly and when he smiles it melts my heart but when he cracks me up!!!